ACL Maintenance

You did it!! You finally heard the words "you are cleared to return to play with no restrictions!" So now you're going back to the sport you love and feeling more confident physically and mentally. 

It's a big achievement to finally get back to sport activity. During your ACL journey you learned a lot about yourself and what you can achieve when adversity is thrown your way. You made time for your workouts and became very disciplined to get to the physical and mental state you currently achieved. NOW YOU NEED TO MAINTAIN IT!!

ITS has created a maintenance program available to ALL ACL athletes that graduate from the ITS post ACL program. The program is designed according to the season you are in. If you are in season or pre season, then it is maintenance program of strength.  If you are in the off season then it is a strength training workout to build your strength. 

How does it work? Simply establish workout times with Anna and your workout will be ready and waiting for you when you come in.  You then proceed to do your workout and are done!  There is no hands on work with this program.  This program is ONLY a strength program.  If you need hands on work done then there is a separate charge.  Cost of each workout is $10 per session or buy a package of 4 workouts and only pay $35.