About Boot Camp Classes

Why did I start a bootcamp program at a gym that focuses on injury prevention for athletes? Because adults need to train to prevent injury as well. And quite honestly, many adults are walking around with significant ailments/injuries that are holding them back from a fully functional life. You know you're out there. You tell yourself you CAN'T do this because you have a bad back.  You tell yourself you CAN'T do that because you have bad knees.  You tell yourself you CAN'T run or do any cardio for one reason or another.  What if I told you I can find ways to go around those issues?  What if I told you I could modify exercises so you CAN workout without fear of re-injury.  And guess what, people are seeing results AND feeling better overall because they are slowly strengthening through their imbalances and OVERCOMING their fears.  So why not run a bootcamp for adults??  

If you are looking for a bootcamp that will push you to the point that you will not move the next day...then this is not for you.  If you are looking for a bootcamp that will sacrifice quality of reps for quantity of reps then this is not for you.  If you are looking for a program that will give you quick fixes then this is not for you....WHY?

First and foremost, there are no such things as quick fixes. You obviously didn't get to the point you're at in a short amount of time.  It took years to put the weight on, to develop bad movement patterns, to develop bad eating habits, to develop bad lifestyle habits.  It literally took time to get to the point you are at now...why would you think it will get undone in a month?  

Bootcamp sessions are the perfect full body workout!  Adults of all ages, sizes and health backgrounds can join the monthly bootcamp challenge with no fear of being unable to complete the exercises.  This program is designed to work with everyone's needs.  Exercises are modifiable and participants are progressed as they become stronger and complete the exercise program properly and efficiently.  Quality of work is emphasized and form is constantly reinforced.  Are you ready to sign up yet?


November Boot Camp Session 1 and 2

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  • Session 1: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:30am -6:30am (12 sessions for November) 
  • OR
  • Session 2: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7am-8am (12 sessions for November)

Starts November 4, 2019

Regular: $120 for 12 sessions 

Sale: $102.00 for 12 sessions


November Boot Camp Session 3

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

ON SALE NOW!!  Session 3: Monday and Wednesday from 6:00-7:00pm (8 sessions for November) 

STARTS: November 4, 2019

Regular: $80.00 for 8 sessions 

Sale: $70.00 for 8 sessions 

It's A Journey...Not a Race


How many times have you set a weight loss goal and then went head strong into the weight loss journey only to find yourself getting overwhelmed and frustrated a few weeks in?  Or maybe you try to eat healthy and make the right choices for yourself, but your family is not on the same page as you and you find yourself struggling with proper food choices?  Then there is the kid factor. How many of you have kids that are on the go from the moment they step out of the bed until 9pm every night?  Eating on the go is the easiest option for you while trying to maintain some type of sanity in your on the go life. 

​What if I told you that you are not alone?  What if I told you that you could still have success in your weight loss journey as long as you maintain patience and focus throughout the journey?  

Many of our boot camp participants that have been here for an extended time period. They have seen many successes in their overall journey.  But they have also had some stumbles in their journey.  And with any journey you should expect/anticipate some stumbles.  After all, you are human and you will have moments.  But it's how you handle and overcome those stumbles that truly define you and the journey you are on.  ​

Mind Body Awareness

Mind body awareness is an important concept that we all need to understand.  Paying attention to our body and how it feels daily will help you during your weight loss journey.  What is mind body awareness exactly?  Everyone has their own interpretation.  However at ITS, we define it as understanding how your body and mind are feeling everyday while moving, eating, sleeping etc. During workouts it means you are paying attention to the muscles that are working and focusing on proper technique.  Simply going through the motions and not actually paying attention to technique can lead to injury and/or improper muscle firing. 

When you are eating, you are paying attention to how your body feels after you're done.  Is your GI tract rumbling because it is not easily digesting your food?  Are you having regular bowel movements?  Technically you should be having a bowel movement within 45 minutes to one hour after every meal you eat.  If you are not, then you have a gut health issue.  

Hydration...how much water are you consuming daily?  Are you always tired? Have you noticed your muscles are tighter than normal? Maybe you need to re-evaluate your hydration and drink more water and less caffeine/sugar based drinks.  

Conquering these simple concepts will lead to a more successful weight loss journey for you.  Is that all you need to do to lose weight?  Absolutely not, but it is a start.  The final key to a successful weight loss journey is a positive and supportive training environment.  This is something I have strived to achieve at ITS whether it is with the boot camp participants, ACL athletes, or weight lifting ladies.  A positive and supportive environment creates a type of energy that is unmatched at your typical gym setting.  Having a bad day, rely on your "team" to bring you up.  Not feeling your workout, rely on your coach to get you motivated.  

Still don't believe that Boot Camp at ITS will be the answer for you?  Check out the stories of these ladies and see if you can relate with them!


Their Journeys...


"My journey at ITS started about 2 years ago. And i wouldn't trade it for the world.  I've lost 15 pounds and went down two pant sizes.  I have struggled with emotional/stress eating for a long time.  So I had a really tough time starting out.  Attending boot camp has helped me channel my emotions differently and drink more water.  The more I challenged myself and thought about the dress in my closet I love but can't fit into the journey became about me.  My biggest motivation for starting this journey was my mom. She's always pushed me to be the best me no matter what it was I wanted to accomplish.  Now it's the satisfaction of breaking my PRs and truly doing it for myself.  If your just starting out, have an outstanding injury that is holding you back or are trying to evolve your workout routine, I recommend Boot Camp at ITS!"

​- Hannah B (ITS Boot Camp client)


"It's been about 3 years since I started boot camp at ITS.  Of my many successes, I am most proud of my pull-ups and chin-ups.  They are still a work in progress, but I am proud of how far I have come.  I am now able to squat up to 115# repetitively, independent on tire flips and bench press with 25# kettlebells.  My biggest motivation is the physical strength I have gained through this journey.  And I am not done yet!  Along with my successes are some struggles like waking up at 5am to get to class by 5:30am.  I also struggle at decreasing my sugar intake...it has been a constant battle and I am always working at it.  My reason to continue to come to boot camp at ITS is because of Anna and her knowledge.  She constantly changes up my workouts to meet my goals of increasing my overall strength and decreasing my fat especially in my "trouble" spots.  She also helps guide me on recovery for sore muscles and/or any injury I may experience from life in or out of the gym."  

- Christina F (ITS Boot Camp Client) 


"My ITS Bootcamp journey began a little over a year ago. The image in my head of myself was always way healthier than the image in the mirror. I committed to ITS Bootcamp to help align the two.  As a full-time employed mom of three, I had very little time for myself and needed to make myself a priority with no more excuses. I embraced the idea that waking up at 4:30am for the 5:30am class (before work) was the only time that was mine. From the moment I walked in the door for my first session, I knew I belonged and found "my thing". Anna and the rest of the ladies are welcoming, supportive and encouraging. I have lost over 50 pounds and countless inches since starting at ITS! The positive shift in mood, increased energy, better sleep and overall improvement in my health are all successes to me. The newfound awareness to pay attention to my mind and body is such a gift. My biggest motivation to continue ITS Bootcamp is to become even stronger and maintain my new whole-body health. One of my favorite things about Anna is that she continuously challenges me (in a safe way) as I progress through my journey. I found me and I love it! If you have been searching for “your thing” or have been terrified to find it, I highly recommend ITS Bootcamp!"

- Angie P (ITS Boot Camp Client)

Their Journeys...


"I have been coming to Bootcamp since November of 2017. Although I love the fact that I have lost pounds and inches, it is what I have gained that I needed the most.  I have found the support of an amazing group of people, who make working out fun. Anna doesn’t let us give up (no “can’t” in the gym), and she has a way with words so we know we can do it, even when we are doubting ourselves. The confidence I have found in myself is awesome.  I know that I can accomplish the goals I set if I keep pushing. It hasn’t all been easy. My life is busy and full of stress which presents many challenges for weight loss. Some ways I have learned to tackle these issues it to meal prep on the weekends for the week ahead, always drink my water and listen to Anna!"

- Jackie K (ITS Boot Camp Client)


Not sure how many years Nichole has been coming to ITS…at least two years for sure. She has some significant successes on her journey. She is able to do her rope drills and flip a large tire. Her biggest motivation for coming to class is the ladies she works out with. “Plus Anna always helping me when I do something wrong.” She still has her struggles…and understands this is a journey not a race. She struggles in trying to find the healthy balance of eating right and living life. She has overcome this by having one cheat day. She also has a hard time when someone can do something in the gym (or life) and she is unable too. “I tell myself that we are all in different places in our journey and that’s ok.”

- Nichole B (ITS Boot Camp Client)