Olympic Lifting

Program Details

During Olympic Weightlifting the goal is moving weighted barbells from the ground to an over-head position through the use of two primary lifts: the clean-and-jerk and the snatch.

The LSBS Olympic lifting program is beginner-friendly and led by a USAW-certified Level 1 Coach (only one in Downriver!) Both lifts are taught with a technique-focus and practiced in stages according to each lifter’s skill and experience. Each session includes a supplementary full-body workout, designed to build the strength and coordination to execute the full lifts safely.

All Olympic Lifting classes are are open for females of all ages! 


Meet Coach Kate!

I was an adult when I “became an athlete”. At the age of 27, I found “my sport” and joined a roller derby league. After playing derby for a few years, my sport-specific skills were pretty good, but I was in need of cross-training to increase my strength to get to the “next level”. I was hesitant to train myself out of fear for training improperly, but hiring a personal trainer was out of my budget. Walking out of derby practice one night, I stumbled across a flyer for Women’s Weightlifting at Innovative Training Solutions in Southgate. It was exactly what I was looking for and the price was right! I thought, "I’ll commit to four weeks, learn some techniques, and use those to train myself.” At the end of four weeks, though, I wasn’t ready to be “done". Each week, I learned something new— Not just about weightlifting, but about myself. Each session was a challenge, and I got a lot out of seeing the progress in myself and my classmates. After a year of weekly sessions, my physical strength and confidence were at an all-time high. With Anna’s encouragement, I enlisted myself to become a certified Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting. As someone who wasn’t “always an athlete”, I understand how training in any sport can feel like learning to live in a whole new universe. My aim as a coach is to share my knowledge and experience to bring the same strength and confidence to women that I have found through my personal Olympic weightlifting training. You CAN do it— And if you want to, you WILL.