The Complete Athlete


Complete, as defined by Webster’s dictionary, means “to have all the necessary parts or appropriate parts.” When you are cooking or preparing a food dish, you make sure you have all the necessary ingredients to create a successful dish. When you are planning a party, you make sure you have everything lined up for the event to be a success.

Now think about it, when you train, whether it's recreational, daily or competitively, do you complete all the necessary steps to be successful? Do you do everything you can to allow your body to gain what it needs to gain, lose what it needs to lose, and recover from whatever physical stress you place on it? Mentally, are you allowing your mind to recharge? Are your regular life activities allowing you to recover enough so your body is regenerating and repairing itself the way it is intended?

The Complete Athlete program is new to Innovative Training Solutions. The program consists of nutrition guidance, stretching sessions, and foam rolling sessions. Athletes of all ages can benefit from each of these platforms. 

Stretching Sessions


Every session is 1/2 hour long and will involve a variety of stretching techniques according to what the athlete/client needs. Stretching will be passive with some proprioceptive neuromuscular techniques applied. Muscle energy techniques and other rehab based methods (soon to include Graston Technique) will also be applied if deemed necessary by the athletic trainer running the session. Session times will be dependent on the needs of both the athletic trainer providing the services and the athlete/client in need. Stretching sessions will cost $25 for every half hour session. 

Foam Rolling Sessions


Sessions will be 1/2 hour long and have 1-2 athletes in each session. Why a class? Because athletes hear about foam rolling but do not properly apply it to their daily training regimen. No matter what age, foam rolling is an excellent training tool to use when properly executed. 

Simply put, foam rolling is a self massage technique that allows each person to realign their fascia, a type of connective tissue and other soft tissues for the body. By foam rolling every area of your body that is affected by sport, athletes are allowing their bodies to heal and recover from the training demands they experience day in and day out. 

Foam rolling sessions are $15 per person for the 1/2 hour session. This cost includes a program that best fits the demands of the athlete/client’s sport (handouts included) AND coaching through the program.

Precision Nutrition Pro Coach


We are one of the only gyms in the downriver area that has a Precision Nutrition coach on staff. Anna is currently working on her full certification and will have it by early fall. In the mean time, take advantage of the Pro Coach platform that Innovative Training Solutions currently offers. 

Precision Nutrition Pro Coach is an online nutritional platform that helps clients develop new eating/nutritional habits and break old habits. Clients currently on the Pro Coach platform are LOVING their experience and the amazing information it has on it. Every week, you will work on a lesson. If you don’t have time that week to work on a session, then catch up when you can! The program is flexible and can be completed on your terms.

Pro Coach will only cost $39.99 right now. Once full certification is met then the price will increase to $59.99 per month. The cost includes full access to the Pro Coach online platform and guidance emails regarding your success and suggestions to ensure your continued success. Your Pro Coach Anna will follow you on your journey, offering guidance and advice throughout it. 


Precision Nutrition Pro Coach

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