Golden Oldies Power Hour


What is the Golden Oldies Power Hour

About two years ago a potential client came to the gym looking for help on her knees. She already had one total knee replacement and was not willing to do the second total knee replacement due to her experiences from the first. She needed another option. So we established a training time and she started coming in. She started telling friends about her success and then she brought a friend. Before you know it the Golden Oldie Power Hour was established and we have been going ever since!  

Who can benefit from the training sessions?

The answer is ANYONE 60 years of age and older!! Anyone who needs to build strength. Anyone who has never fully overcome their injury/surgery. Anyone that has had a total joint replacement and needs a guided program to help them continue with a functional life. Anyone that wants to simply become stronger and healthier!


Scroll down to hear the stories of the current Golden Oldie Power Hour Participants. I think you will be very excited to hear their story!

Training session information

Sessions are $25 each. Every session is at least one hour in length. Programs are designed according to the health problems you present with. During the initial session a health history will be taken and we will set goals on what you want to achieve. If you have any current health problems you will need a doctor's clearance to participate/workout in the gym. Sessions generally run throughout the morning or early afternoon. 

To sign up for your session simply call (734) 258-8705 or email 



Miss Denise

"I started coming to ITS because a friend of mine recommended Anna to me. I had had a knee replacement 1 1/2 years earlier, and I had limited movement, constant pain and swelling. I felt like this is what I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life. It was extremely frustrating, because I was always an active person, and I was finding that I could do less and less. And the less that I could do, the more weight I gained. 

What are some of the successes I have since working out with you? This would be much too long if I tried to list all my successes. The two things that are the most important to me are my ability to do pretty much anything I want. I can walk long distances, go up and down stairs like a normal person, play with my teenage grandchildren (and keep up with them), and garden to my hearts content. When I had my first surgery, both knees were equally as bad. Anna has helped me strengthen my “real” knee to the point that I now have very little discomfort. And if I do experience any stiffness, it certainly doesn’t slow me down. My second great accomplishment is my recent weight loss of 90 pounds.  Anna’s continual support and gentle pushing helped me to want to continue to work out harder and as I started making strength gains, I started watching my diet. I’m not going to say this was an easy journey. At 68 years old, there are days that I just don’t have the will to work out hard. But Anna is a firm believer in listening to your body, if I am unable to do my regular workout, she will create something I am able to do. Anna’s gym has become part of me.

My motivation for going to the gym is living. I am living again. That’s how I feel. I don’t sit and cry because the pain in my knees is intolerable. I don’t worry about having my second knee replacement any time soon. And this spring I was thrilled when I was able to load and unload 50 pound bags of soil. I am happy!  

Some struggles I still have? As I’m getting older, my balance isn’t as good as it was 30 years ago. It takes longer to see gains in weight lifting, and sometimes I get impatient. But Anna is the most amazing trainer. She is patient, she listens, truly listens, and she doesn’t put up with any crap from any of us! She guides, gently pushes, and understands. My struggles really are minimal compared to 2 years ago when I started working with Anna. I honestly could never thank her enough."

Mr John

"I have been coming for two years.

I started to come because I had bad balance along with weak legs and feet

Since I started coming, I have increased his strength in both legs. My balance has improved (I am not so wobbly!) And I have gained strength throughout my whole body, not just my lower legs.

I  want to continue to get stronger in all the physical “parts” of my being and improve my mental being and the “pride of accomplishment in being an improved body of movement." 

John feels he is more sure of his ability to walk without falling. His ultimate goal is to continue to improve and not accept status quo. He also needs to learn to be kind to himself, pace himself and enjoy life!

Miss Leslie

"I started coming to ITS in July of 2018. On November 20, 2017 I fell down my basement stairs. The fall resulted in injuries to both of my feet and compression fractures to my T7 and T11 vertebrae. After 2 1/2 months in a back brace followed by 2 months of physical therapy (PT) and then doing the recommended PT exercises on my own I was still struggling. I couldn’t walk 2 blocks without having to stop. Completing simple tasks that required bending, twisting or lifting were difficult. I needed to be able to get back to regular life and felt like I was nowhere near that. I decided to give Innovative Training Solutions a chance.

Some of my successes since I have been working out with ITS include able to walk my 10,000 plus steps daily and completing simple, every day tasks pain free and without thinking/questioning myself. 

My biggest motivation for continuing my training at ITS is my desire to travel. My goal after retirement was to see the world. I was on my way before my fall. My plan was to do trips that are more physically challenging while I was able and then take easier trips later. Since my training began with Anna I have gone on two more trips with my most recent trip being Jakara (Bali and Komodo Island). I climbed steps to temples that were different sizes (tallest being about 18 inches tall). It felt good to be able to do those things again.

I still struggle with back pain and stiffness in the late afternoon if I’ve had an active day. I’d like to strengthen my core and improve my flexibility and stamina as well."

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