Lift Strong Be Strong

Our mission is to help women of all ages increase their body image and self esteem through strength training. The Lift Strong Be Strong Program goals are to educate, empower and make women of all ages believe in themselves.

About the Program


Educating women on how their body's respond to weight lifting and why they should lift is an important goal of the Lift Strong Program.


Studies have proven that increasing physical strength WILL increase the mental strength of any person. Our goal is to empower women to achieve success both physically and mentally in their daily lives.


Lifting can be daunting. However with the proper training and programming anything is possible. Join the Lift Strong Program now and start believing in yourself!

Benefits of Weight Training

Increase your confidence:

The full body toning effect of weight training helps women physically and mentally. The visual feedback women receive from seeing changes in their bodies from weight training increases their feel good mood.  When women are able to lift heavy weights they begin to feel stronger physically and mentally. Add those two together and you have a boost in self confidence and self esteem.

​​Decrease risk of osteoporosis:

Bones are in a constant stage of breaking down and building up, commonly referred to as remodeling.  Lifting weights actually loads bones and muscles forcing them to remodel and handle greater stresses. As bone density (measure of the amount of minerals that are found in bone) becomes greater, women are able to tolerate greater loads. As women age, stronger bones will decrease their risk for osteoporosis. 

Increase resting metabolism:
A properly programmed strength training program should elicit increases in muscle fiber size.  When muscle fibers enlarge, more energy is consumed and will lead to a boost in metabolism.

​Gain muscle and burn fat:
​The more lean muscle mass women have, the more efficient their bodies are at burning calories and keeping fat percentages down.





This class is for ladies looking to learn how to complete basic lifts like back squat, RDLs, dead lift, hang clean and bench press. Participants will be taught how to properly push, pull and hinge with their bodies. Participants must be FEMALE and 18 years or older. 

Olympic Lifting


Olympic Lifting involves two classic moves: snatch and push jerk.  Both exercises involve overhead movement.  Other moves taught during class to improve the overall technique of the Olympic moves include: front squat, overhead squat, high pull, deadlift, shoulder mobility and core work. 

Youth Powerlifting


Perfect opportunity for the younger ladies and men to come in and learn how to lift under a guided program. This program is open for both females and males ages 14-17 years of age. Participants will learn how to properly push, pull and hinge with their bodies. Basic lifts of the class include squat, RDLs, dead lift, bench and hang clean. 


Class Package

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