Program Details

Powerlifting is a strength sport that involves three lifts: deadlift, squat and bench press. Class participants will be introduced to each move in a progressive manner. Once participants conquer technique with the move, weight will be added. Our primary focus is proper technique first and building strength second. After all, once technique is achieved, gaining strength is a simple process. 

Training sessions will focus on one or two of the traditional moves and then incorporate other exercises to promote an overall full body workout. Goals of the program are to increase participants confidence and strength in the three core lifts.  After attending powerlifting classes at ITS, participants will be efficient in the three core lifts and other lifts including front squat, pull ups, chin ups, single leg RDLs, and bar RDLs.



We offer our clients an opportunity to train for powerlifting competitions once they become confident with the core moves. Training programs are generally 12-13 weeks long. Programs will be custom designed according to the level of each person preparing to compete and the amount of time available to prepare for the competition. Competitions are run all over the state throughout the year. You can chose to compete with one, two or all three lifts. 

Basic Rules of Competitions: Athletes are entered into categories according to age, sex and body weight. Every competitor will be allowed three attempts at each lift. Again, athletes can chose to compete with one lift or all three. The competitor will have their best lifts added to their total and the lifter with the highest total wins.

The training program is 13 weeks long. The program will require you to train 3-5 days a week (depending on level of training experience). Three of the days will be focused on the core lifts with auxiliary lifts in to help improve on your strength. The other two days will focus on core/stability work as well as recovery.

You will be able to train at the Innovative Training Solutions gym throughout the week. The gym will maintain extended hours for you if needed. Sessions will be coordinated and planned with owner Anna Napolitano and Olympic Lifting Coach, Kate Monhollen.​

Starting dates will be determined when there is interest to train for a competition

The cost of the 13 week training program is $550. This cost covers the training program design, coaching fees, gym fees, uniform fees, and competition fees.

​If you are interested but have more questions please call (734) 258-8705 or email liftstrongbestrong@gmail.com 

Training Zone


Powerlifting Compeition Training

The team is being put together! Interested in joining? Here are the details you need to know!

  • Competition date is 10/12/2019
  • Competition is with Barbellum LLC
  • Competition will take place at 3d Fit in Riverview
  • Training cost for the competition:
    • Returning powerlifters = $400 and includes: 12 weeks of training, competition fee, instructional fees and program design
    • NEW powerlifters = $550 and includes: 12 weeks of training, competition fee, singlet, USAPL membership dues, instructional fees and program design 

Interested in signing up? All you do is click on the link below and pay online! Once payment verification has been received we will send you an email with the rest of the registration process!

Have more questions? Then call Anna at (734) 258-8705 or email liftstrongbestrong@gmail.com and someone will get back with you with 48 hours of receiving your email.