Youth Powerlifting

Program Details

This program is designed for females and males 14-17 years of age. All lifts and exercises will be broken down for EVERY participant coming in regardless of experience (or background) in lifting.  As technique is achieved and meets all the necessary demands of our coaches, athletes will then add weight to their training program.

Powerlifting is a strength sport that involves three lifts: deadlift, squat and bench press. Class participants will be introduced to each move in a progressive manner. Our primary focus is proper technique first and building strength second. After all, once technique is achieved, gaining strength is a simple process. 

Training sessions will focus on one or two of the traditional moves and then incorporate other exercises to promote an overall full body workout. Goals of the program are to increase participants confidence and strength in the three core lifts.  After attending powerlifting classes at ITS, participants will be efficient in the three core lifts and other lifts including front squat, pull ups, chin ups, single leg RDLs, Bar RDLs to name just a few. 



We are looking to develop athletes for a youth powerlifting competitive team. Programs will be custom designed according to the level of each person preparing to compete and the amount of time available to prepare for the competition. Competitions are run all over the state throughout the year. Athletes can compete in one of the three disciplines (back squat, bench press, or deadlift) OR compete in all three. 

Basic Rules of Competitions: Athletes are entered into categories according to age, sex and body weight. Every competitor will be allowed three attempts at each lift. Again, athletes can chose to compete with one lift or all three. The competitor will have their best lifts added to their total and the lifter with the highest total wins.

​If you are interested in training for a powerlifting competition contact Anna at (734) 258-8705 for details.